DanseNom ChorégrapheVidéoVidéoMusiqueArtiste
Flobie slide I'm Holdin' on to Love (To Save My Life 
Fisher's Hornpipe Fisher's Hornpipe 
Picnic Polka VIDEOCowboy Sweetheart 
JoanaXose MassottiVIDEOCome Early MorningDon Williams
Something In The Water VIDEOSomething In The Water 
Blame It On The Bossa Nova" VIDEOBlame It On The Bossa Nova 
Wild StallionHilbilly RickVIDEOGhost Riders In The SkyTornado's
My Designated DrinkerAnnie SaerensVIDEOMy Designated DrinkerAlan Jackson
Looking GoodDarren "Daz" BaileyVIDEOThe Way She's LookingRaybon Bros
An Absolute DreamJoyce PlaskettVIDEOLand Of DreamsRosanne Cash
Winter's ApplesAnnie CorthesyVIDEOApples in WinterPadraig O'Keefe's
Mexico ShuffleLinda SansoucyVIDEOI've Been In MexicoBlaine Larsen
El PasoinconnuNeon moon 
LookoutCato LarsenVIDEOVIDEOMøkkamannPlumbo
Love To Cha ChaDavid SinfieldVIDEOI keep forgetting.Womack et v.Gill
Disappearing Tail LightsAlison Biggs et Peter MetelnickVIDEODisappearing Tail LightsGord Bamford
Galway GirlChris HodgsonVIDEOVIDEOGalway GirlSharon et Earle
Knee DeepPeter Metelnick and Alison BiggsVIDEOKnee DeepZac Brown Band
Some Body Like You Some Body Like You 
Chill factor Chill factor